Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pet Rules

To ensure that all of our guests enjoy their stay at Sand Bay Resort we ask that pet owners read and comply with the following policies.

  • Please do not allow your pet to run loose, unattended on the resort grounds. We expect most dogs will be leashed while outside of their cottages. Your pet may run freely on the nature trails.
  • Stoop & Scoop. No one wants to step in your dog's poo or to find a young child playing in it! We suggest that the poo be thrown unbagged into the long grass, near brush, etc. where no one will walk, rather than placing it in the garbage.
  • Dogs may play in the water between cottage #8 and the launch ramp. Pets are not permitted on the right hand side of the beach between the launch ramp and the children's play area. Please respect this as not all of our guests appreciate dogs and this is their designated dog free area.
  • Do not leave dogs alone while you are away. Their barking is extremely aggravating to others.
  • Please do not allow pets on furniture. However, it is our experience that if pets are accustomed to getting on furniture, they will do so at any opportunity. If there is any chance of your pet getting on the furniture, please remind us and we will gladly provide furniture covers which can be removed and washed! Otherwise, pet hair can be a serious problem for us and has taken up to 10 person hours to clean a single cottage with bad pet hair.
  • Pet owners are expected to thoroughly clean up after their pets, especially any hair which may have been shed during your stay. You are responsible for any damages that your pet may cause.
  • We reserve the right to ask that any aggressive or disruptive pets be removed from the premises.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Welcome to Sand Bay Resort! As your hosts we realize how precious and much anticipated your vacation time is. It is a matter of professional pride to us to do what we can to help you have a great holiday with lasting memories. The following contains information on safety and a few facts that should help you get the most from your stay with us.

Parry Sound is the closest town, approximately 30 minutes from the resort, and is home to many shops and restaurants that you may wish to visit during your stay. A few common stops include Sobeys, No Frills, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, LCBO, Beer store, many restaurants and small boutiques, as well as the Parry Sound Hospital.

We hope that you will treat our facilities with the same respect that you would have for your own. It is expected that cottages will be left in a tidy and clean condition.
It is the guests responsibility to thoroughly wash and return all dishes prior to check out. Cottage items (stereos, chairs, bedding, towels or anything else!) are not to be used outside the cottage.

Drinking water
Water within the cottages comes directly from the lake and has been treated with filtration, ultraviolet sterilizers and chlorination. Although our water is treated, most guests prefer to bring bottled water due to the chlorine taste or in the event of a system failure.  All water sources outside of the cottages is untreated and is not considered safe for consumption.

Community Living
Not everyone sees the world through your eyes.
Please do not impose your “fun”, your music, your children, your pets, or your habits on others. Your holiday here is a chance for you and others to experience nature.
We expect general consideration at all times and quiet after 11:00pm. Radios should only be heard inside or within close proximity of your cottage.

Campfires are only allowed in the common fire sites at the front by the gazebo or in the campfire box centrally located for use by the back cottages.
We will provide a limited amount of firewood for use in these areas. Guests may forage in the nearby forest for kindling and dead wood only.
Please do not use the wood from under the cottages. To prevent forest and cottage fires, campfires should not rise more than 2 feet into the air.
No day time burning. Fires may be started at dusk but must be fully extinguished by 11:00 pm.
Do not use wood in the charcoal BBQs as it burns hotter and will degrade the metal.

Pet owners are expected to ensure that their animals do not annoy, intimidate or disturb other guests. Along with this welcome letter, we will send each pet owner a separate letter outlining our expectations with regards to pets to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their stay.

Beach & Swimming
Glassware of any kind -beer bottles, wine glasses, drinking glasses etc. is prohibited on the beach and docks. Plan ahead and bring cans!
We do not have a life guard on the premises and therefore parents should closely supervise children at all times.
Although most of our beach has a gentle slope without drop-offs there may be some depressions due to dredging near the old docking area in the middle of the waterfront. The west end of the beach is the most popular swimming area, especially for small children. You may swim on the right hand side or from the end of the dock with the benches but please be cautious of boats and never swim in the area between the docks, or in areas used by boats to approach the docks. Do not swim beyond the docks at dusk or after dark as incoming boats will not be able to see you.
Any boating activity, including tubing or water skiing is prohibited in the swimming area.

Use of canoes, kayaks and peddle boats is included. Please do not monopolize these facilities and return them to the log racks at the centre of the beach after each use.
For those guests who have taken a package rental which includes a motor boat, you will be assigned a boat and given operating instructions upon arrival . All boats will include life preservers and the mandatory safety equipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is present each time you go out.
As part of the Canada Coast Guard regulations all users of any water craft must have life preservers and safety equipment (whistle, flashlight, throwing line) with them. It is now required that operators of all motor boats and personal watercraft have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. However, if you do not have the card and wish to take a rental boat, we can issue a temporary waiver which will allow you to operate one of our boats for a specified period of time.
Guests are fully responsible for any damages to, or loss of boats and all equipment.
Care should be taken not to pull boats up onto rocks or islands especially if someone is still sitting in them as this will cause wear holes in the hulls which can be impossible to repair.
If you are unsure of boating rules check the copy of the coast Guard Safe Boating Guide in each cottage.

Considerations While Exploring Georgian Bay
Help to keep Georgian Bay beautiful! Do not disturb the wildlife or vegetation and take all litter including cigarette butts away with you.
Keep in mind that there are many weeks in the summer when rain is sparse and the risk of forest fires is extremely high. Although you may have ground fires when you picnic on islands , they should be small and fully extinguished when you leave.
There are countless islands and areas to explore but please respectfully avoid private islands and properties in the area.

A Few Points to ponder
Please do not run the heaters or burn firewood while the weather is good or if the cottage windows are open.
Septic systems and effluent pumps can be very sensitive. Do not flush or pour anything down the drains which is not water, human waste or single ply toilette paper. Fat and any other items should be disposed of in the garbage.
Please avoid leaving any litter, bottle caps and cigarette butts on the grounds but dispose in the garbage instead.
In order prevent property damage as well as the risk of cottage fires, we ask that you do not use any candles in the cottages.
Do not put BBQs on the decks as this is a high fire hazard and also any fat drippings will permanently stain the wood.

What We Include
We try to include most essential items so you don’t have to. Aside from the usual dishes, pots pans etc., we also include all bedding, bath towels, dish soap, SOS pads, dish cloths and towels, coffee filters, garbage bags, and toilet paper.

Remember To Pack
Beach towels
Charcoal & fire starter fluid for the BBQ
Insect repellent
Sun screen
Tin foil / Plastic wrap
Napkins / Paper towels
Favourite toys and games
Obviously, all personal items and food

Arrival / Departure
Check in is after 3:00 pm. Please register at the office before going to your cottage. Also inform us at the time of check in of any guests (even day guests) that you expect to have during your stay.
Check out is before 9:00 am. Your punctuality is appreciated as there is a lot preparation for our next guests. Please clear any outstanding accounts on the day before your check out.

Have a safe and pleasant journey!
Kathy & Bob